Still at 157.

I’m optimistic about it, though.

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So, my birthday was on Saturday.

It was an amazing weekend. I pigged out.

I still weighed myself this morning and was happy to see I actually lost a pound since the last weigh in. (:

157 pounds.

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I literally put this in almost everything I make. I love spinach!
I am back in the 150’s!

I woke up at 158.6 today. 

My birthday is on Saturday. (:

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Woke up to 160 this morning. (:

71 pounds down, 20 to go!

Motivate me!!!

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missayyjayyy: Just wanted to say that your progress is incredible! Keep up the great work gorgeous!

Thank you so much, dear!

162. (:

I woke up today at that.

Also, that’s eleven pounds off.

Making it to almost 70 pounds off in total.

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So, that’s pretty good, right? I can’t wait to be back in the 150’s. I’m so close.

I have been cooking a lot.

It’s becoming a real passion of mine. 

Although, most of the time I’m not the one eating the food. 

I love cooking for people.

And food porn. (:

I’m making bagels today, like real bagels.

I’m excited.

Yesterday I made brownies from scratch. They were my best batch.

I also made calzones the night before. My first time and they turned out freaking awesome. 

I’m thinking of making homemade pizza rolls. What do you think?

If you guys ever want some recipes, let me know. 

Or even how to make something, I can help you out. (:

By the way, I haven’t had fast food in like a month. HAHAHAHA. 

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